How Customization Adds Value To Your Car

Ever seen a customized ride, have you wondered about the time, energy and heart that went into it? Chances are, you’ve admired the car. You’d even appreciate the effort put into it. But, you will never think about buying a custom-built car. 

Perhaps, this is the dilemma plaguing car customization. All of us value it but few really want to dig deep into their pockets.

There is more to getting your car customized than merely altering its appearance. Apart from the obvious boost in looks, customization also makes way for better fuel efficiency, safety and convenience.

We shall look at a few aspects on how it adds value to your ride.

Improved Looks

Reworking your car’s appearance sets it apart from the rest on the road. This also offers a great feeling inside of you while driving. Agreed, this is an emotional quotient but it can make wonders on a bad day.

Few of the most striking appearance upgrades comprise two-tone paint designs, cowl induction hoods and body kits.

Fuel Efficiency

Until recently, fuel economy wasn’t linked with car customization. But lately, this has shown tremendous potential in getting a modified car, fuel efficient. 

Aspects like aerodynamic changes, low-rolling resistance wheels and engine performance modifications are put into use. The notion behind improving fuel economy is to ensure every last drop of gas in your vehicle is used. This is termed as hypermiling where economical driving methods are employed. But, customizing your car realizes its full potential.

Peak Performance

Performance modification exhibits a more intuitive effect on the car owner contrast to visual modification. Majority of car owners revel in the bliss of pumping the throttle to outrun other vehicles or for the joy of it. 

But performance modification is more than just sheer throttle power. It includes the vehicle’s cornering capability and how well it brakes. Contrast to boosting power these changes add to the maneuvering aspects of the car. 

Upgraded disc brakes, coil-over shocks and firmer anti-roll bars help the vehicle’s road behavior. While, performance customizations include turbos, superchargers and cold-air take. 

In Closing

Comparatively, performance enhancement is valued globally in case you’re looking to sell the car later.  While, visual modifications are less encouraged as they are valued on a subjective level. 

For instance, improved braking systems rank top notch on a cost recovery basis. Every driver appreciates good brakes. This includes those who care less about fast cars.

Customization then, does add value to your ride. Drive Safe!

What you need to know about Smart Car Customization?

They say, ‘Good things come in small packages’. This certainly rings true for smart cars. They offer an amazingly small built with classy style and practicality. These aspects make the vehicle a popularity magnet.

Owing to its valuable offerings, people may think customizing a smart car is futile. Not quite! There is always room to modify the car to make it appear more unusual while ramping up the performance.

Smart cars were first customized by Brabus from Germany. These were termed as Brabus production models.

While other companies used motorcycle engines to modify the cars. Examples were using the Suzuki Hayabusa 1340CC engine. Such renditions were called Smartuki and can reach 0-60mph under 3.4 seconds.

Few companies upgrade the original engine to Brabus specifications. However, things have notched up a bit with quite a few aftermarket modification options.

Customized smart cars are an all-out racing version of the once compact demeanor. Such cars give us a sense of, ‘How a modified smart car will look like?’


Mentioned below is a short take on what goes into customizing a smart car.

  • Swapping your stock wheels for alloy renditions which are wider – This will exhibit a dramatic shift in looks
  • Changing the car façade to a smoked front with rear facing lenses – These will go with the wider tires
  • Hooking up larger sport bars or bumpers to get the urban look
  • Outfitting your smart car with Brabus suspensions that have stiffer shocks with lower springs
  • Augment the car with improved brakes
  • Making sure to boost the horsepower on the engine
  • Trade the smart car mundane doors for two-tone variations
  • Put up tailor-made floor mats to complete the look

These were mere suggestions, you can have a look at customized cars at our website

Top 10 Funny Car Customization’s

Of late when it comes to the car modification business, people are customizing just about everything! And why not, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects are fun. Apart from showcasing your creativity and it gives people a chance to showcase some of their best car modification (more or less).

Among the vehicular customization , involve a Volkswagen painted orange depicting a huge basketball, a cat-mobile which would need a lot of conviction to drive and a Jesus van.

The funny compilations are perfect to get a few laughs going while they are for driving around.

There you have it, some funny designs in the car modification business.

DC Design launches India’s first ever Supercar- DC Avanti

"India’s legendary actor and automobile buff Amitabh Bachchan unveils the car in the capital yesterday"

New Delhi, January 05, 2012 - DC Design, India’s premier automotive design firm has taken a step beyond what it is known and revered for, with its reveal at Auto Expo today, of what is the country’s first ever sports car, the sleekly styled and superbly configured DC Avanti.

What makes this a special occasion is that the Avanti is not just a full road worthy prototype but one with production firmly pencilled in!

DC intends to go the way of so many Italian carrozzerias (like Bertone, Ghia, Pininfarina and Stola to name four) who not only styled, designed and engineered smashing sports cars but also went on to make them in limited production runs for sale to the general public.

DC will be doing just that with the Avanti which is being readied for a production run beginning 2013 and none other than the legendary India cine genius and informed motoring buff Amitabh Bachchan was on hand to take the wraps off this glorious rolling sculpture. While DC has done some amazing work over the past decade including prototypes for so many of the world’s big name car manufacturers, he has never done a production run of any of his designs, concentrating on one-offs.

All that is destined to change with the DC Avanti, a move that adds another dimension to the multi-faceted design and engineering capability that DC Design has built up at its Pune works!

Speaking at the launch of the project very dear to his heart (and which he had nurtured for so many years), Dilip Chhabria, the guiding tour-de-force at DC Design said, “We are extremely ecstatic to present the DC Avanti today and it is a manifestation of not just the burgeoning interest in high end sports cars but also as a calling card for our own capabilities which have now progressed from mere styling in the early days to full prototyping and bespoke one-off manufacturing.

Every country which has written its name in the pantheon of automobile manufacturing has invariably distinguished itself with sports cars by its own nationals and I thought that India rightly needs to be in this exclusive club.”

"The Indian market for high end automobiles is on a steep uphill curve as witnessed year-on-year and our focus is at the top end of this rarified niche. The design is completely our very own as is the engineering and also the production process. Type approval and on-road tests would follow soon and we intend to simultaneously set up an all new facility at Talegaon near Pune to build this vehicle," said Dilip.

"We intend to produce 300 units of the Avanti in 2013-2014 and if all goes well we could ramp up production to go into four figures per annum. Till now DC Design was noted for its design and customization but then we added complete engineering and prototyping to our roster of services and working for the world’s biggest names helped us understand and add to our expertise," added Dilip. "The Avanti is an ongoing culmination of all that we have learnt and we intend to give a sports car to a select new emerging breed of car buyers who value good taste without compromising on performance and who don’t need to spend a fortune on making the adrenaline flow." He further added.

The Avanti supercar doesn’t reinvent the wheel in the basic process of manufacturing a high tech sports car because in time honoured specialist car production DC Design will be using proprietary parts from various car makers, especially in the areas of drivetrain and suspension. The Avanti would be powered by a specially tuned Ford EcoBoost 2.0-litre four-cylinder, dohc, 16-valve engine. This unit not only features turbocharging with direct injection but also features VVT (variable valve timing) and this helps it to dish out power and torque which normally are on par with a larger 3.0-litre engine.

Max power will be 240bhp at 5500rpm with a massive 366 Nm of torque developed at 3500rpm helping give it both tractability and thrust. If that is not all, the latest electronics will also help deliver strong on the fuel efficiency front as well. Also the engine and its ancillaries are all Euro 4 & 5 compliant already meaning it would be right even for the export markets but the good thing is that it could also be taken further to the incoming Euro 6 legislation with a slight change in the engine mapping characteristics.

Handling all that power and torque from the mid-mounted four-cylinder engine is a six-speed manual gearbox. Again sourced from the Ford Europe parts bin, this transmission is robust and reliable and does all it is tasked with. There will also be another transmission option for those who seek an even higher technological plane with a six-speed dual clutch Power Shift unit.

The Avanti will have a light weight but very strong space frame chassis using a mix of square, rectangular and round sections to get the best strength and rigidity across the dynamic spectrum. Suspension is in time honoured sports car fashion with unequal length wishbones all around working in conjunction with coil over shock absorbers. Agile, quick and ultra-responsive, the Avanti promises performance and visual erotica at a cost to quality proposition that will be second to none. Hydraulically assisted rack and pinion steering gear will be standard fitment.

Specialists in safety engineering which include the likes of Bosch would be lending their might in developing the latest generation ABS brake systems and SRS air bag technology for the Avanti; ride and handling would be perfected by global experts in this realm and overall body and trim plus final assembly would be done at DC Design’s all new production facility coming up at Talegaon near Pune. The Avanti will be electronically limited to 250km/h and will ride on 19-inch tyres all round. Footwear on the front wheels would be of size 255/35-19 while 295/30-19-sized rubber would do duty at the rear. Helping safety and control given the max velocity and acceleration the Avanti would pack in, large 330mm diameter ventilated disc brakes with grippy AP Racing callipers come as OE fitment.

The Avanti’s low slung silhouette is pure excitement and is unlike any seen from an Asian automotive entity. Sporting a combination of pleasingly complex concave and convex surfaces to deliver great form, the Avanti is fast standing still with its rippling muscles akin to a wild animal waiting to spring onto its prey. Animalistic yet aesthetic in its essence but replete with fine craftsmanship across the entire vehicle, the Avanti can more than hold its own in its class.

DC has already put in place a unique and dedicated self-owned and managed sales and service network in five major metros in the country (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad) and this would only be honed to a fine pitch by the time the Avanti production commences. An additional four outlets would also be opened in the course of 2012.

Bookings, on a first-come-first-served-basis will open soon, immediately after Auto Expo 2012 with deliveries scheduled from the last quarter of calendar 2013.

The big story doesn’t end here, the feel good theme continuing on the price front as well. At Rs. 30 lakhs ex-showroom, the Avanti would be a stunner in more ways than one and a smile inducer cum big name basher made in India. More announcements on the Avanti and its bespoke customization to owner’s trim and equipment preferences would follow soon.

Specifications of the car:


  • Type: 2.0L Four Cylinder
  • Maximum power: 240 BHP @ 5500 RPM
  • Maximum Torque: 270lb/ft of torque @3500 RPM
  • Transmission: MMT6 6speed
  • Turbocharged engine with direct injection and VVT DOHC Four valves per cylinder


  • Tubular space frame
  • Jig built
  • TIG welded
  • Suspension
  • Unequal length double wishbones
  • Coil cover shock absorbers
  • Steering and Brakes
  • Rack and pinion
  • 330 mm ventilated discs (Front and Rear) AP racing calipers Wheels
  • Front rim size - 8.5J-19
  • Tyres - 255/35 19” x 8.5 J
  • Track - 1680 mm
  • Rear Rim size - 11J-19
  • Tyres - 295/30 19” x 11 J
  • Track - 1660 mm


  • Wheelbase - 2700 mm
  • Length - 4623 mm
  • Width - 1967 mm
  • Height - 1213 mm
  • Front Over hang - 993 mm
  • Rear Over hang - 930 mm
  • Ground clearance - 155 mm
  • Dry kerb weight - 1562 kgs


DILIP CHHABRIA DESIGN PVT LTD was founded by Dilip Chhabria who is qualified in Transportation Design from Art Centre, Pasadena, USA. DC Design is recognized as the leading Automobile Designer in India. The company has participated directly in the Geneva motor show, and has always had its products displayed at all major auto shows in Detroit, Japan, Frankfurt and Paris in each exhibition year.

DC Design has a 600+ strong portfolio of unique cars/vehicles built and on the road. Its quality of styling and prototyping can be benchmarked against the best in the world. Its capacity of 1 million man-hours of skilled craftsmen translates styling sketches into handcrafted forms in metal/wood.

Its USP is to offer 1st world quality at 3rd world prices. Its product offerings span a wide range of vehicles – cars, buses, luxury vans, recreational vehicles, special purpose vehicles, passenger buses and automotive education and research.

DC AVANTI..more on Facebook

DC AVANTI..more on Facebook

DC Avanti - Typeface revealed, with a touch of Devnagri script.

DC Avanti - Typeface revealed, with a touch of Devnagri script.

DC Avanti to be unveiled at Delhi Auto Expo 2012

India’s own automotive design house, DC Design, is all set to unveil a supercar at the forthcoming 2012 Auto Expo to be held in Delhi. Billed as India’s own supercar, the automobile is expected to be unveiled by film star Amitabh Bachchan at the show.

Designed and built ground-up by DC Design, the car will be a low-volume product that will be put together at the firm’s facility in Pune. Deliveries of the car are scheduled to begin by end-2013, once it goes through the requisite homologation process.

“With this car, we are making the transformation from a design house to a production house,” said Dilip Chhabria, the promoter of DC Design. “It will offer the looks, feel, dimensions, quality and fit and finish comparable to supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari, minus the horsepower.”

Like the European supercars, the one from DC Design will be mid-engined, where the engine will be positioned behind the driver, between the two axles. Though further details of the car are awaited, it is expected to be powered by a V6 petrol engine sourced from Honda, but turbocharged in this application, with output in excess of 400 bhp. The kerb weight of the supercar, at 1,560 kg, is comparable to those from Europe and in terms of dimensions, will have a footprint close to a Lamborghini Murcielago or Aventador.

The firm plans to produce 300 units in the first full year and scale it up to 3,000 units subsequently. “It will come at an attractive price point. We are looking at a price of under Rs 30 lakh on-road,” said Chhabria.

“We were planning to call it the Buddh, after India’s Formula One Circuit, but the response for the name has not been encouraging, so we are thinking up a new one now.”

Source: BS Motoring