DC Lounge Series

DC Lounge Series The essence of opulence, comfort and vanity has a new meaning. DC Design brings you the Lounge series.

  • DC Lounge Innova
  • DC Lounge Fortuner Ltd
  • DC Lounge Traveller

DC Lounge Innova

This capacious Toyota has been reimaged to boost on all fronts. Sprucing the ride through some sophisticated touches both, on the inside and outer has turned this into the DC Lounge Innova.

The DC Lounge Innova sports lavish interiors to get it ultra-tech ready. The vehicle façade renders a very futuristic touch. It’s no surprise then that DC sets the Lounge Innova in the same league as a Rolls Royce and a first class jet liner.

The DC Innova houses recliner seats with calf support and individual controls on all seats. The roof displays an aircraft styled setting while a privacy partition between driver and passenger is included.

The entertainment craven populace can get pampered by a 19’’ LCD telly equipped with DVD player and LED lights. Also a handy chiller right below the television for the occasional tippler is included.

Naturally, an inverter unit to cater to the electronics and appliances demand comes fitted.

Further options involve swivel jump seats, satellite television, front and rear cameras, leather add-ons plus a body kit.