DC Avanti

It’s a dream, a luxury, an instant head turner on the roads. The roadster has finally seen the light of day, well almost! DC proudly gives you the DC Avanti. The Dilip Chhabria car better known as – The first Indian supercar every car enthusiast has been waiting for.

The Avanti was revealed in the Delhi Auto Show and once again showcased Indian ingenuity on the auto front. It was the Bollywood great, Amitabh Bachchan who launched the Avanti at the motor show.

Initially to be christened ‘Buddh’ the supercar rather went for the name Avanti. Mr. Chhabria reasons out saying the original name wasn’t taken too kindly by team members and aficionados. Well the Dilip Chhabria car is touted at a decent price tag of Rs. 30 lakh. This may well be the one of the decisive factors in its success.

This may not be all that bad in view of its sharp and spritely form factor. At first the Dilip Chhabria car will be available as a V4 model juicing out 265bhp out of the four cylinder Ford 2.0 petrol engine. The other variant is planned as a V6 model pumping 394bhp from a Honda V6 engine. Both renditions of the Dilip Chhabria car will include a six-speed dual clutch design.

The quirky looking frame of the DC Avanti has loads on aluminum on it. This keeps the weight down at a modest 1560kg. So the slated 0-60 under seven seconds is achievable. Going by supercar standards it’s a relative far cry but easy on your pockets.

As for dimensions, the supercar measures at 4623mm in length, 1967mm in breadth with a height of 1213mm. The frontal and rear reach at 993mm and 930mm correspondingly. While the Avanti ground displacement is designed at 155mm alongside a 2700mm wheelbase. The structure does render it very rocket propeller like from the back view. 

Safety features aren’t ignored as well. Engineers will put every effort in getting the Avanti safety secured. This means the inclusion of SRS air bags and anti-lock braking design. Also the ride and behavior facet of the car is to be managed by global specialists. All this geared at rendering the DC Avanti best on the Indian roads.

The DC Avanti is to hit the production floor coming next year. With a planned output of 300 models by 2013-214, DC hopes to ramp up the outflow in four figures later, if all goes well.