DC Lounge Innova

What do you get when you go for an innova car modification – The DC Lounge Innova!

With the ambitious claim to be the most luxurious set of wheels on Indian roads, the DC Lounge Innova makes good on its claim. All this at a fraction of a cost you could get a Rolls Royce Phantom for.

Well, car enthusiasts all over have gone praises for the Lounge Innova. And why wouldn’t they, the Innova car modification is a true crowd puller. With almost everything changed from the inside out this Lounge variant is here to stay.

One look at the innova car modification and you know what the designer was thinking - luxury, perfection and reasonable price on four wheels. No wonder then that this modded car is touted as a potential RR Phantom alternative…well almost!


Massive 24’’ captian seats are fitted with power controlled calf supports which recline up to 150 degrees. Ingress and egress enabling functionality for effortless slide in/out is available.

Interiors also house air craft themed roof module exuding ambient reading lights. If privacy is your take, the innova car modification is sculpted with a partition including built-in audio/video functions.

Fold out tables exhibiting sliding top with glass holders is also part of the concept. Other add-ons involve glass, cup and mobile holders. The DC Lounge does have laptop connectivity as well. The door panels are managed by proprietary switch controls.

An updated ac system with suave seating arrangement dressed in plush leather fabric makes the ride all comfy and cozy. Safety isn’t compromised in the DC Lounge Innova. It includes waist belts catering to four travelers.    

The carpet seamlessly blends with the interiors. Added functions comprise of an intercom, a central panel concealing dual fold out tables. Also, a storage provision is included at suitable points.

To augment the innova car modification looks other add-ons include a rear view camera with display for driver ease. The driver cabin is redone to blend with the overall design while the dash board, trims, door pads and door pads are surface coated.


Exteriors aren’t left out as well. Here are some optional features. The front bumper gets decorated with integrated lamps, redesigned front and rear fender, frontal and read door outfits, rocker panels including footstep and lastly a front grille.

Enhance all this with 16 inch alloy wheels, leather seat offering and satellite TV for the entertainment hungry. Now you got luxury written all over the Innova.