DC Polo: The Rebirth

At the outset, this DC Design Polo seems like a Darth Vader avatar. The car mod now exhibits menacing eyes, a dominant stance and sturdy yet suave wheels complete the look. Yet, the VW Polo manages to look elegant and top the class best sports car.

In Mr. Dilip Chhabria’s own words, the Polo was chosen due to its neat design. The car mod plan was to turn the VW into the best sports car.

And with the looks of it all the final output matches up with the original car mod plan. Say Hello to the DC charged car mod aka super coupe.

For people new to the car industry the redesigned Polo is hardly fathomable. The front bumper is completely revisited transforming the placid appearance into an enforcing best sports car demeanor. The VW frontage lamps make way for slit shaped renditions. The fog lamps and air-dam have been refitted to complement the huge bumper.  

The best sports car now exhibits a three-door rendition with an augmented suspension and massive wheels.

The rear lamps get a total makeover. It now houses a single tail light stretching from one corner to the other with C-shaped lamps at either end. This renders the otherwise mundane rear a lot slicker. The rear now features dual exhaust outlets.

As always DC hasn’t touched the mechanisms of the car. The interiors though house bucket seats exuding a red vibe for the doors. A touch enabled audio system has been included however the windows don’t function any longer owing to the inclusion of bigger doors.

Perhaps the only facet untouched is the VW insignia both on the front and rear.

Go ahead indulge in decadence.