Finest of DC Designed Cars

Dilip Chhabria, the legendary car designer is prominent for conceiving strikingly beautiful machines. He exhibits a definite art in turning a mundane car into the most startling luxurious ride. DC (as he is fondly known) has paved a novel avenue to the car designing realm in India. In addition, he has transformed the way car buffs look at cars forever.

Dilip Chhabria can aesthetically redesign a Maruti vehicle into a plush convertible or a primeval Ambassador to an astonishing sedan. DC has designed quite a few custom rides and is renowned for his creative genius all over the world. It is widely believed that DC has single handedly raised the Indian car designing industry to newer heights and pinned it on the global frontier.

Here are top five amazingly re-designed cars by DC. Starting with:

Maruti Gypsy

Dilip Chhabria had attended the Art Centre of Design from USA to complete a course in Transportation Design. Once equipped with a degree, his fist design was remodeled Maruti Gypsy in red.

The Gypsy was re-christened ‘Hurricane’. It sported a shorter wheelbase, a spoiler at the back, curvaceous headlamps and radial tyres by Bridgestone. The revamped Gypsy turned into a muscle car exhibiting aggressive demeanor and suave style.